Uma aplicação para visualizar métricas de centralização em uma rede de dados sobre código fonte do Linux

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Linux é um kernel que é utilizado por diversos sistemas operacionais, como as distribuições Ubuntu, Red Hat e Arch Linux, e é código aberto, o que significa que qualquer um pode acessar e enviar contribuições para o código dele.

Quando comecei meu curso de graduação em Tecnologia da Informação, aprendi, a princípio, a linguagem de programação C, e sempre estive curioso em saber como o código-fonte do Linux é organizado, sabendo que o kernel foi escrito nessa linguagem. …

A simple application written in Python, using Pandas and Plotly, that aims to provide good visualization on Brazil’s population and GDP using an interactive map and bar graph.

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Brazil is a wonderful country to visit and to live in. However, the first words that comes to my mind when it comes to the country, are Christ the Redeemer, the statue, the Copacabana Beach and the Carnival. Although those are pretty popular, they only represent a small set of information about the country. What about the other states? How many people live in those other areas? How much is their GDP in comparison to other regions of Brazil?

In this article, we are going to investigate the use of Python, Pandas and the Dash library in order to not…

An example oriented tutorial for data analysis using regular expressions in Python with Pandas, in the context of identifying interjections in messages

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It probably happened before: You opened your WhatsApp and read a lot of “good morning”, “good evening” and “good afternoon” messages through a lot of groups. Now, suppose you want to visualize the messages of this group in order to achieve more insight about, for example, the number of messages from someone, or what day had the most number of messages, or, in this case, discover how many “good morning”-esque interjections each person has sent in a specific WhatsApp group. How does one do that?

In this post, we are going to investigate the use of Python and Pandas with…

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Today, YouTube is everywhere for mostly anything, from education to entertainment, and it’s accessible from laptops, smartphones and other digital devices. According to Omnicore’s YouTube by the Numbers (2020), 95% of the global internet population watches YouTube, while there’s 50 million creators on the platform.

As there’s people to watch content, there is a fair lot of people with a YouTube channel, hoping to reach a large number of subscribers, likes and views. I, myself, have a YouTube account that I hope it gets popular.

In this post, we are going to analyze trending YouTube videos and see what we…

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In March 2020, the World Health Organization categorized the COVID-19, disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2, as a pandemic. It has been a subject of weight in people’s daily lives, affecting multiple layers of the way the world used to be for us, as a whole, as many become more used to work and study from home, and be careful with the protective measures.

In Brazil, social isolation began to be applied by the second half of March, when the country had about 300 confirmed and 8800 suspected cases. Worldwide, Italy and Spain quickly reached a high number of infected and…

Murilo Bento

Bachelor in Information Technology and Software Engineering student at Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.

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